The Speak YOUR Languages videos are used in secondary schools, community colleges, and many colleges and universities including the University of Washington, the University of Michigan, the University of Texas, Kent State University and UCLA.

"The Speak YOUR Languages video series is an excellent way to raise the academic aspirations of young people as it highlights careers in which students can maximize their linguistic capabilities in both their native language and English while training for interesting and rewarding careers."
Mr. Bret Lovejoy
Executive Director
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

"Learning another language is a necessary ingredient in a quality education, but knowing another language also has a serious utilitarian value. The Speak YOUR Languages videos provide excellent examples of the career and service opportunities available to those who have a second language. These videos provide parents and students insight into the opportunities, rewards, and enjoyment of knowing other languages. The Highline Public Schools are to be commended for these professional and engaging videos.”
J. David Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Joint National Committee for Languages –
National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS)

"In our region, one in three jobs is tied to international business. The Speak YOUR Languages videos are very well done and will encourage students to develop the language skills that are increasingly needed by businesses and organizations involved in global trade, tourism, research and education."
Mr. William B. Stafford
Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle

"Learning language is ‘learning how to learn.’ Families where English is not the primary language can provide their children with a rich learning environment by passing on their native language. Growing up multilingual broadens the possible pathways to success in almost any career field. The Speak YOUR Languages video series helps families, students and teachers alike understand the tremendous value and importance of preserving and building skills in their native tongue."
Mr. Bill Center
Washington Council on International Trade

"The Speak YOUR Languages videos fit perfectly with the goals of our Heritage Language Initiative at Portland State University. We are working to promote bilingualism by offering courses in languages that people learned as children before switching to English. I was delighted to find a resource that we can use to promote our program by showing the varied and exciting careers open to our students. The videos are engaging and professionally done – a delight to watch."
Ms. Linda Godson, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Heritage Language Initiative
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Portland State University

"As a foreign language teacher, I see the Speak YOUR Languages video series as an excellent motivational tool for students as they learn a new language. The videos allow me to effortlessly ‘bring in’ to my classroom bilingual professionals who are passionate about their work. The videos, which can be used in all levels, appeal to students because they see exciting and creative ways that they can use their language skills outside the classroom."
Ms. Suzanne L. Hibbert
Spanish Language Teacher
Shorewood High School, Shoreline, WA
(Note: Ms. Hibbert was recently selected Teacher of the Year in the Shoreline School District)

"As coordinator of interpreter training programs, I use the videos on court interpreting and translation on several levels. The enthusiasm shown by the interpreter and translators for their work is infectious, and motivates prospective students. The Court Interpreter video serves as a lively point of departure for a discussion on interpreter issues. The videos on translators introduce interpreter trainees to other possibilities for their language skills. The stories the bilingual subjects tell about themselves and their work provide interesting source material for beginning practice in simultaneous interpreting. Altogether, a worthwhile investment in resources!"
Ms. Silvana E. Carr, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Interpreting Programs
Centre for Professional and Continuing Studies
Vancouver (Canada) Community College

"The series’ principal message is that language skills are job skills. A strength of Speak Your Languages is that it communicates not only that message but also a number of equally sensible truths about language learning and knowledge. We observe, for example, that the subjects have varied language backgrounds: some are immigrants who have learned English in the U.S., others are heritage speakers, including one heritage speaker of English (born in England, grew up in Israel), and others’ language knowledge began in the classroom. Language, in other words, can be acquired in a variety of ways, all of which are valid. Viewers can also note the following: linguistic diversity benefits communities; bilingualism learned in the family is a gift; and less than perfect knowledge of another language is still usable knowledge. Another strength of the series is that it credits the viewer with the intelligence to draw appropriate conclusions on their own and does not indulge in dreary hype such as cheerleading or teacherly harangues. These qualities give the series an open-endedness that would make it equally appropriate for high school and college students."
Ms. Susan Bauckus
Managing Editor
Heritage Language Journal
UCLA Center for World Languages

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